Programme Changes

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Retail Manager – Edit Min/Recommended. You can now display products by sales. Also reset min/rec to zero.

Reports – Yearly Sales Comparison By Date/Branch/Department and Sub Department ( Excluding till 99 )

Rentals – Edit the date of payment in the Rental Payments screen.

Returns to supplier – Saves the current Historic Average cost.

Product Editing – hide additional pricing if you don’t have any setup.

Product Searching and selection – Multiple selection option.

Purchase Orders – deleting a product from an order is now saved to user actions.

Stock Take form – Nett( Ex Vat ) column added.

Product Screen – Double click on the product description will display  product history screen. This has been implemented in other screens with a product description. You can also select preferred supplier for products with multiple suppliers.

Product Edit screen – displays the number of products selected.

End Of Day – Sales Integrity check can be exported to Excel.

Setting Stock to Zero – Utilities – Retail Manager Tools – System Settings. Please contact software support for passwords.

Account Customers – transaction screen – edit order reference.

Transaction History Screen. Double click on a system code for full edit mode or double click on product description for product history.

Edit RRP in Quick Goods in save to User Actions.

Barcode printing – set individual printers for multiple branches.

Till Software.

Configuration Options. Managers Menu – System Setup – General.

To display stock levels in the main till screen click on Colour Coding main screen for stock information” and then click Save.

To update stock levels from server immediately after a sale click “Get Atock From  Server after every transaction” and then click Save.

To run diagnostics on server/broadband response times for sales update click on “Sales Diagnotics” and then click Save. Please note you should contact support before enabling this option.

Second Hand Sale or Returns can now be added to the repairs screen.

Quick Product Addition from Catalogue – multiple pricing and stock levels for all branches. Also ensures that products can’t be duplicated on product code or barcode.

 Additional Broadband connection information for product download information.