Report / Suggested Orders

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The number of suppliers in the suggested orders screen is limited to the criteria you have set up ( eg Minimum,recommended or Minimum to recommended and where stock has gone negative. ).

Aged Debtors detailed report add for account customers.

Sub Menu / Customer Orders

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The till screen now has an arrow icon on the bottom right hand side allowing you to select more functions from the sub menu.

Customer Order – Pressing Escape key from Payment screen no longer voids the transaction.

Customer Order – search orders for specific product.

Customer Order – Web server now downloads all incomplete orders.

Reprint individual barcodes from Purchase Order History – View orders.

Purchase Order Screen – option to search all products regardless of supplier. If added to a purchase order the product has the supplier added as a an additional supplier. Stock level,on deposit and on order added to the display.

Historic Average cost captured on goods in/quick goods in/Return to supplier

Stock Take Form – negative stock only filter.

Help system – moved to sperate folders.

Programme Mods Jan

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Retail Manager

Edit Data screen – message box to confirm stock quantity change. Search by system code in the description box.

Products on Back order can now be filtered by supplier

Quick Product Addition – Full Supplier list

Purchase Order History – enter invoice details for each line of delivery

Employee screen – option to load menu security programme for all employees. Please note the password will only be supplier after we have received a verification email from your companies owner/director

ibikeshop/Quotations/Second Hands

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ibikeshop orders can now be transferred to the system as either customer orders ( so they can be also be added to purchase orders ) or as sales.

Quotations can now be shared between shops.

Second hand commission sales – you can now add the instruments serial number and generate a product code. This can also be printed on second hand receipts.

Emailing Customer Receipts / End Of Day / Customer Email Data

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The tills can be configured to email a PDF of an 80 column receipt straight to you customer. Please contact software support on how to configure.

Colour coding has been added to the End of Day Sales reconciliation section to make it easier to understand.

If you want to export customer email data for integration with mailshot programmes: Retail Manager – Utilities – Customer Emails. If you want to view customer history double click on the customer.

Sale Or Return ( commission sales ) / Customer Notes / Partial Orders

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You can pay sale or return customer in the second hand screen in Retail Manager. Double click on the SOR Paid column to view details and process payment.

Customer notes will reprint to 80 column receipts. All notes will create a new record that can be viewed individually from the Customer screen in the till.

Retail Manager – Purchase Order History – View Order. If the order is partial there in an option to tick each line if an invoice has been received from your supplier.

Report Updates/Second Hand Search by Customer

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New reports have been added to the system. Please download,, abd
In Retail Manager run – Utilities – Retail Manager Tools – Build Report Queries

Second Hand search by customer ( Till – second hand screen ).

Refunds – the screen will display a red foreground for refunded products

Purchase Invoices

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To enter Invoice data for Goods In or Quick Goods In select Purchase Order History.

Find the goods in and double click on the order number the system will a screen for you to enter the details.

Special Orders / Help System / Reports / User History / Barcoding

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Stops paying a deposit in full from completing the order.

The help system is now displayed in your browser using HTML. It will be continually updated.

New section under reports for direct reporting such as Yearly sales comparison.

View user actions such as product editing ( Utilities – Retail Manager Tools – View User Actions )

You can specify the width and height of a barcode. Configuration – Barcode Configuration – Label Design.

Programme Updates

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Till Software – Product Lookup screen. Double click on the allocated column to find out which customer has the product(s) on deposit.

Sale Or Return Second Hand Purchases. Add repair cost for product and post to the repairs system. When the repair has been completed the cost is added to the charge to the customer and removed from their payment.

Managers Menu System Setup General – All Products. Downloads all products from head office system.

Customer Orders – Complete. Creates an entry in Special order dispatches for reprinting delivery note. Customer Orders Refresh button to update orders.

Downloads – Repairs/Stock levels/Customer orders – Till system will date stamp the last successfully till update and use this date for the start point of the next update.

Retail Manager

End Of Day. Customer Order Dispatches have been added to End Of Day calculations